• Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder
    100% Hydrolyzed
  • Made in USA
  • Saint-Marie de Los Andes
    Health and beauty, for the welfare of all
  • Recovery of Mobility
    Collagen Saint-Marie de los Andes

Apoquindo Drugstore

Av. Apoquindo 3357. Metro El Golf. Las Condes.

Mermoz Store

 Av. Apoquindo 3990, local 106, Las Condes. Edif. Alcántara

Mermoz Store

Av. Providencia 2368. Providencia.

La Serena´s Office

Calle Arturo Prat 260, La Serena. Coquimbo.


Health and Vitality

Your body and your health improve remarkably, your dermis rejuvenates and renews your cells.



This product can be used by all types of people, from 25 years.



This product of you can occupy for life, without restrictions.